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Australia is one of our most established volunteer locations. The home of the kangaroo, koala and the duckbilled platypus, Australia is an entire continent in a country, a land with utterly unique ecosystems.

Our volunteer projects include replanting trees, preserving animal habitat and containing non-indigenous species such as rabbits and foxes. You could be working in a bat sanctuary or caring for wallabies untill they are well enough to be released into the wild. Either way, these volunteer work projects are hard work and you must prepared to get your hands dirty!

With the development of urban conurbations the Australian bush is being destroyed at a rate of 600,000 hectares a year. Friends of the Earth are looking for volunteers in Melbourne to help out on the campaign trail. Volunteer in Australia and help protect one of the world’s last great frontiers.

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The Sunshine state is situated in the north-east of Australia and is the second largest state in Australia. Renowned for its tropical climate, lush rainforests and world class beaches, Queensland is home to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and The Great Barrier Reef. An ideal destination for volunteers who want to experience the best Australia has to offer.


Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, is also the most southerly city in the world. Australia's garden city is considered by many to be a hip destination, with one of the highest populations of international students. The city holds the Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Tennis Open and most recently the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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Volunteering in Australia could help long-term, nationwide projects that are currently maintaining walking tracks, preserving animal habitat, building fences, working towards river conservation and replanting around 1 million trees every year. Australia has 13 areas listed as world heritage sites and more than 500 national parks. Thought of by many as one of the worlds last wilderness’s Australia is home to a unique and fragile ecosystem that needs our help and protection. Get involved in preserving Australia.


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Feel like a holiday down under, but also want to get some skills before you settle down to studying? Our Volunteer Australia conservation placements are a fantastic way of bolstering your CV, if you're thinking of a career as a conservation adviser, landscape architect/designer or field scientist.

Degrees that require you to implement biodiversity action plans, ecological surveys and environment impact assessments, often suggest you should have previous experience of environmental issues. With a Volunteer Australia conservation project, you will have the evidence you need to get onto the course of your choice, and the edge to beat the competition on over-subscribed courses.

If you want a career in PR or journalism, but you are passionate about environmental issues, you should get your teeth into our Friends of The Earth placement. Here you will find out whether you’ve got what it takes to cope with the demands of a bustling newsroom. Click on the Volunteer Australia links above to find out more!

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Volunteer Feedback

"I cried when I had to leave the kids. On my last day they each made me little cards..." More >>

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