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Home of the ancient Mayan civilization, Guatemala has one of the most complete pyramid complexes on earth. However, Guatemala or “land of trees” is under threat, with over 98% of old growth rainforest lost to deforestation.

In a country of breathtaking scenery and vibrant people, it's easy to see why Antigua is the gem that sparkles most. Just wander down any street and you'll be treated to a display of fine colonial architecture and fairytale pastel-coloured rows of houses, with bunting and streamers bouncing in the breeze in honour of another festival. All this in view of 3 volcanoes which the more adventurous can climb - and the rest of us can admire from a quiet café terrace, a delicious jugo de piña in hand.

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Nestled between the 'volcano of water' to the south and the 'volcano of fire' to the west, Antigua's character often seems at odds with its surroundings. A relaxed city of just over 60,000 habitants, volunteers can stroll down colonial boulevards while taking in the impressive Renaissance facades. Baroque architecture, ruined churches and Mayan markets all combine in this glorious Latin American mix. Antigua often leaves a lasting impression on volunteers as its volcanic scenery, exotic wildlife, tropical fruits and trees are quite unlike anything any urbanite has ever seen.


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Cactus @ i-to-i

Guatemala is a country where most adults spend just three and a half years in school, making community and education projects vital. Many volunteer projects, including those in state schools, are extremely under resourced, and this is where your help is needed most.

Agriculture is also an essential part of the Guatemalan economy, but with such stunning natural resources and fast growing trade in ecotourism, sustainability is key to the country’s future. This is another area in which being a volunteer in Guatemala could make a difference.


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For volunteers looking to gain TEFL experience in their gap year, Guatemala in Central America is a fantastic location. Totally off the beaten track, time spent on Volunteer Guatemala projects TEFL teaching in Guatemala can be a lot more exotic than European destinations. Volunteers can teach in bilingual schools where they can brush up on their Spanish or learn the native Tz’utujil language.

Nature conservation officers, countryside managers, environmental consultants and biological field surveyors, all need to exhibit a clear interest in nature and environmental issues before embarking on biological science degree or forestry HNDs. Practical vocational experience is favoured in a profession where there is such strong competition for jobs. Gaining as much experience as possible is crucial and will enhance your CV no end. With a Volunteer Guatemala placement you will be able to display genuine initiative and environmental experience. Click on the Volunteer Guatemala :: Rainforest Wildlife Projects links above to learn more!

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Volunteer Feedback

"I cried when I had to leave the kids. On my last day they each made me little cards..." More >>

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